Ready to stop overthinking your writing – and hit the post button with confidence?

To grab attention with your words – and get your real personality across?

To have the perfect tone, structure & layout – without being boring or waffling on?


Hi! I’m Laura. I’ve honed my craft as a Professional Copywriter, working with multi-6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs around the world.


And in ‘The Copy Fix’, I’ll share simple, do-able copywriting tactics with you every week – so you can write copy & create content that WORKS.  


To connect deeply with your ideal clients + compel them into action!


You'd be forgiven for thinking that content comes easily to me - having written 3 best-selling books! But you know what? Day to day content is VERY different.


You need a clear plan, that makes sense for your audience. And you need to be able to find the right words to connect with those people. As entrepreneurs & business owners, it's crucial we have that consistency & structure.


If you're not clear on your message - if your copy isn't cutting it or you're not showing up like you need to be - the truth is that it'll show in your bank account.


Having spent a full day with Laura, working on my content with her - I can genuinely say she’s the expert at this - and she’s great fun to work with too.


She makes it easy and simple to follow, just how I like to learn and teach myself.


If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, get in now & work with her while you can!

Shaa Wasmund


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